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Mobile, Web, and Blockchain


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Hero Graphic - Services - 3600 x 1278 copy.jpg


Mobile, Web, and Blockchain

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Mobile App Development

At Stridek, we develop mobile applications using Ionic Framework. This cross-platform mobile app development, known as a Hybrid app, is built using CSS and Javascript. Like Native apps, Hybrid apps can be downloaded from a platform’s app store (IOS, Android, and etc.) and have the ability to access the phone’s GPS, camera, accelerometer, and more.

Native apps (ex. Android & IOS) require specific software languages for each operating system. Through the use of Hybrid Apps, we can build an application for just about any platform out there using a single code base. This results in significant time and financial savings for our clients.


Do you dare to innovate?.

Web App Development

From SPA (Single Page Application) to PWAs (Progressive Web Apps), we build and code our web applications using many of the most popular web development languages; PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, HTML/ CSS, and Python. The tools in each of these languages allow us to fully customize the web application to fit your specific needs, not just based on the functionality of the language. Whether it’s client-side or server-side, our team of developers has you covered. 


We use frameworks that cover most clients’ needs; Laravel, Django, Ruby on Rails, Nuxt.js, Vue.js, React, and LoopBack IO. With a full array of web development frameworks, our coders can save time on arbitrary decisions and focus more on the customization of your application.

Let us help you choose the best languages and frameworks to get the most out of your application!

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Hero Graphic - Web Applcation - PNG.png

Blockchain Development

The use of Blockchain coding and database storage go far beyond the use of just cryptocurrency. Blockchain’s implementation of cryptography and record keeping can protect many types of sensitive information. Some popular uses include; medical records, legal documents, banksing, supply chain management, elections and voter fraud, and many other cyber security needs.

With the use of Hyperledger and Quorum, Stridek is able to build an application that will allow transactions to be processed in milliseconds without placing any sensitive personal data into a hackable database.


We also build Decentralized Applicairons (Dapp) which has backend code that runs on a decentralied peer-to-peer network while the frontend code and user interfaces written in any language. Dapp’s allow smart contracts to process transactions with no downtime, privacy, data integrity and verifiable behavior.


We take your cyper security to the next level!

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